Open is the new closed!

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It is sad the one of the internet stalwarts doesnt understand simple things about the web:

Open is the new closed!

Keep your products open & provide useful features – people will never move. GMail is open, I can move out of it anytime but I dont because it has compelling features and they do a fabulous job with google labs testing features that stick! GMail had 43% growth!

Yahoo was a leader when it came to mail, address book, calendar & groups(Its high time they removed eGroups tags/logos, grrr) ! They have been going down the wrong path of tightly integrate their products without open end points! Whoever wants to download the fat Zimbra client on my desktop! Pretty sad! Yahoo has such fabulous properties, they don’t know how to tie them up and make money! If someone from Yahoo is reading this leave a comment or shoot me an email, I have 5 low hanging fruits that would make you money! An insider tells me that Product management teams at Yahoo are based out of California and run the show! And boy do they suck!

Please Yahoo wake up & put up a fight! I feel like I am watching a Bollywood flick and waiting for the hero of the movie to throw punches back and he is getting beaten pretty bad!.. What an anti climax!

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