Yipee! My Old blog has been migrated!

I finally migrated off of my JRoller blog to wordpress. Thanks to the wonderful support of Rick Ross @ DZone. I have known him since the Freeroller days and he was kind enough to hook me up. He had to tinker with a setting for a couple of minutes and I ran the template that exported all my entries from 2002. Yep thats right! Thats when I started blogging! Conversation used to be lot more intense and exciting .. Didnt have to reblog a whole lot to get on top of Techmeme!

Anyways heres a shout out to Rick! Thanks dude!

P.S: I am selling my old domain blogforthought.com, let me know if you are interested!


Revamping my digital identity

Finally got around to making the transition from blogforthought.com to arjunram.com! Imported a good chunk of my older blog from jroller in here! They still need a proper export functionality!

New posts will be sent to my Twitter page!

Still need to integrate my google reader likes! More to come soon!