How scoble could have gotten his data from Facebook!

OK, so I’ve been released from my NDA. I was alpha testing an upcoming feature of Plaxo Pulse — this feature has not yet been released and now that my account has gotten shut down it’s not clear whether it will be released. It is a Facebook importer that works just like any other address book importer.What does it collect?
Names and email address and birthday.

So Scoble wants to export his friends and sync up with plaxo. Here is how he could have done it:

Tools that he would have needed:

  1. Facebooksync (217 people already use it!, Review here!)
  2. Macbook Pro (Which he already owns
  3. Plaxo sync tool Names and email address and birthday.

Run Facebooksync which downloads the contact information (Name, email, date of birth, photos) and syncs it up to your Mac address book. The plaxo sync software that is running will sync his addressbook up with his Plaxo account. I do this all the time.

So whats the big deal? Why the hoopla? Everybody is all over this issue. I even twittered scoble with this suggestion. May be he hasnt looked at the twitter stream yet (he mentions that he looks at only 10% of his tweets) so I am going to give him to benefit of the doubt! He is usually good at analyzing before crying foul! Hope he sees this post!

However there is a bigger issue that needs to be addressed, who owns your/my data? I believe this is issue that needs to be addressed and people are going after the biggest target. I am proponent of me owning my data! If you as a company are making money out of my data then the right thing for the company to do is to let me export my data and use it the way I want it. But its just not facebook, its everybody Yahoo, linkedin, google!

I do believe Chris Saad’s is the right way to go! The same is true for attention data and apml. I have even suggested that browsers need to support apml natively.

I am no facebook junkie but I think the issue of data portability has to be addressed by all companies.. You use my data to make money then u let me export it! Period! As end users we need to get companies to sign agreements with us when we sign up.

Am I smoking doping or am I just missing this point? Chime in!