Commenting tools for Freeroller

I have been trying to get a commenting tool in place for the weblog and it appears that there are’nt many choices available for freeroller. I have looked at other blogs that have been around for sometime using, the only viable option seems to be and he seems to be using Im not too impressed with this option as I would have to create a new topic for the blog and create sub topics branched from the new topic, which sux! If anyone knows of anyother tools to use for freeroller please email me at arjunram at myway dot com.


A new year, A new beginning

I have renamed my blog to “Blog for thought”. After having names like /life/procrastination and cat procarastion> life its time to move on… What was I thinking? 😉

I need to do a couple of things tommorow.

  • Write up a description for my blog.
  • Change the font for the title.
  • I wanna redesign the category box.
  • More to add later .. i’m off to sleep….

Nuclear blackmail

Gen Musharraf is back to his blackmailing ways again. .

“through international leaders who visited Pakistan, that if Indian troops moved a single step across the international border or the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir, they should not expect a conventional war.”

This is where I find the US position unacceptable. Everyone including the US knows that mercenaries occupy terrorist camps in Pok and Pakistan supports them. US continues to remain silent on this issue and has not done anything constructive about it. It is easy to preach to ask parties to come to the table to have talks, but the situation has to be condusive. It does not make sense to sit and talk while one of parties plans war. This is precisely what happened when Vajpayee with open arms while Musharraf was planning the kargil war. India has been patient for the last 15 years and its patience is running out. Off late the attacks have been daring kids and children were killed recently. India is left with no other option other than going to war. Pakistan has been found helping North Korea in its nuclear arms perusal. I understand that US needs pakistan’s help in fighting the war on terrorism but in the process is aggrevating . The US should put its foot down and reprimand pakistan. If pakistan continues this attitude, it should be named a rogue nation. For all you know Osama bin laden is in Pok. As is being repeated, US is very good at reacting to a situation, but not very good at anticipation and acting ahead of time.

On the other hand, India should start talking to the local folks at kashmir and let them talk to pakistan if they want to. This problem has 3 parties Kashmir, India and Pakistan. We as indians have to come to terms with this reality,involve pakistan and stop treating this as an internal problem.

I have been wanting to read more to get to know more about this conflict. Starting off with a book,

Look for a review soon…


Finally got a login to and getting the template in place. I feel like im in a third world country on a damn dialup connection. Tried a couple of dialup software and finally got Juno to work for me. May be I should write a review of the various software installations someday (Now do I call it procrastination or Focus 🙂 )… Hope to settle the UI/template soon…