Java Web Start

I use a Java Web Start Application (Blogpluck) which frequently updates itself (thanks to Lance for whipping out features). The problem is the application automatically updates itself, irrespective of whether I would like to update or not. The ideal solution would be let Web start to download the readme/new featues file first and display it and let the user decide if he wants to upgrade or not. If the upgrade is mandatory then atleast display the readme/new feautures file after the application is downloaded/started. I dont knpw enough about writing a Web start enabled application. Will look up docs and see if this is possible. Anyone out there who knows if Web start provides this feature?

Makes sense eh?


Roller suggestions

While updating my the look & feel for my blog i had a couple of suggestions to improve Roller.

  1. Change the current look to one found on
  2. There should be someway to get back to the defaults for Weblog, CSS, _dayTemplate, dayXTemplate. I screwed up one of the files and ended up cutting and pasting from the rollerblogger users guide.
  3. How do I change the image for permalink? It would be nice I could pass a parameter with the image that I want. Wonder if Matt has replaced the image file.
  4. Adding .js and .css files to my list of files.
  5. Would be nice to powered by roller button similar to one found here.

Nice to have’s:

  1. Hookup roller to amazon’s web service to one can display the current book read and current CD thats one listening.
  2. I love matt’s idea. For someone like me whos into IM big time, it would be ideal. Wont have any more excuses for procrastination. Ummm Wonder if I should jump in start coding. Dying to get my hands dirty! I should mail matt.
  3. Would be nice to have a plugin like BlogTimes.

P.S: Wonder when Anthony is going to upgrade roller on freeroller.  Hopefully  Matt’s implementation of comments come along. I ranted about the upgrade 4 months back 😦

20, 000 Cell phone?

Guess what, this phone costs about 20,000$. Yeah, you heard it right.. Its made of platinum and has a saphhire screen and all the goodies, its made by this company . The company says it’s a collector’s item and their business model is similar to custom watches that are hand made. They already have orders from japan for cell phones with diamonds! and get this, you can get this cell phone only by invitation!! I was wondering what happens if you drop the phone .. May be you need buy an insurance for another 1000$ Something to think about ..

Where is slashdot heading?

There appears to be growing displeasure with’s prediction for 2003

The popular discussion site for fans of open source software will disclose that it’s perilously close to bankruptcy and needs to make all Slash code proprietary in order to survive. Slashdot regulars will rebel, and some will attempt to set up alternative discussion sites — but Slashdot’s founder, Rob Malda, will sue under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to prevent any copycat sites. When readers accuse the site of “monopolizing” all the vital discussions of the various ways of cooling your computer with liquid nitrogen, Justice Department officials will threaten prosecution of Sherman antitrust violations. But Slashdot will prevail, after hiring David Boies, litigator to the stars.

From Quit


Quality has definitely gone down. I wonder if this has got anything to do with tech sector not doing well. I dont know what they base their rejection and acceptance of stories .. If you do keep me posted.

Freedom at Last!!

I am rather relieved about getting out of Sprint PCS. The damn service sucked and so did the phones! Not to mention the kind customer service representatives. I finally moved to a different service! I got myself a sony ericson t68i. Damn, the phone looks cool and is feather light! To top it all off, i get to SMS to India 🙂 To top it all off i get 300$ back in mail in rebates! (That is, if I send it in :)) Now I can download email using my sony clie and use bluetooth. Cant wait to get my PC back on and sync these babies up!