A Jew in 2004?

Fortune has this article on Senator Joe Lieberman. Im surprised! One would think that Lieberman would have the lead, but does not seem to be the case ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I have not heard much about the other candidates other than Gephart(This guy lacks charisma!) I find lieberman sensible and to be man with principles but who knows till the scandals break out. Looks like I would have to keep my options open ๐Ÿ™‚ So whos the black sheep? Either ways should be an interesting build up to the elections next year!


Is it between John Edwards & Howard Dean

I saw John Edwards on ABC this morning, he seems like a charismatic guy. He seems to have answers for most of the questions and pretty clear and concise with his answers. Although his political campaign is yet to take off I think he would be a strong contender to Howard Dean. Im not too impressed with Graham and am rather dissappointed with Joe Leiberrman (he needs to be woken up!). Its rather early but Im betting my money on one of these candidates. IMHO Al Gore decided too early to opt out. I think he should have waited.

Should be an interesting one year ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let the debates begin ๐Ÿ˜‰

Candidate Profile: Clark

Here are my first impressions of Gen Clark(Happened to watch a town hall meeting on c-span). The first thing that you notice about this guy is he looks presidential. He seems like a straight shooter. Im most impressed by the man’s knowledge on foreign issues and his views on foreign issues. (Does GeorgeW have a policy?) Clark’s weakness is his views & answers on domestic issues, but he did do a good job of managing them well. He does not have the charisma or voice of someone like Clinton. He has immediate answers on Economy, Iraq/Terorrism and Foreign policy. Needs a lot of work medicare, social security and charisma. A interesting candidate! I suspect hed make it into the final few.

Make sure you check out his blog

Note to self: Need to generate a OPML for presidential blogs.

A Straight shooter

Had the oppurtunity to get to John Edwards on “Meet the Press”. The man is a straight shooter and projects him as the “average middle class american”. He is neither on the right nor on the left, but he comes of being a conservative democrat at best.  He supports the war, he does not believe in gay marraiges. He seems to stand by what he believes in and does not bull shit around. He does not have the following of Dean, the charisma of John Kerry nor the name recognition of Joe Leibberman. Infact they played a clip of him being booed in california! I like the guy, but it does not seem like he’ll make it to the final few. I hope he does. I hope people atleast give him a fair hearing.

The battle is ON!

One of the smarter decisions that Kerry has made in days. Edwards brings enthusiasm to an otherwise boring kerry ๐Ÿ™‚ The republicans are already targetting Edwards for his lack of experience and his experience as a trial lawyer. IMHO the debate between cheney-Edwards will be more interesting to watch then Kerry-Edwards! Will be interesting to see if the clintons support this team. I liked the clinton years and clinton as a president. Irrespective how much he screwed up in his personal life, I think he tried earnest to bring peace. Plus he looked presidential unlike others ;); On the other end I believe Bush has grown as a leader and is starting to make some sense at times ๐Ÿ™‚ Either ways I think its evenly poised race .. Let the games begin .. I LOVE THIS PART

P.S: Bill Oreilly has been uncharacteristically balanced in his political coverage. You agree or disagree with the guy but I like the way he put his views across.

Election 2004

Bush campaign files papers for re-election bid

Democrats attack Bush on terrorism war

Will the democrats offer anything other than  a lock box this time around? They would have to tread a very fine line when to attack Bush on terrorism. Will bush be lucky again? Its going to be fun to watch this. I love the presidentialy elections (I love politics in general)

P.S: Im neither a democrat or republican but I have liked the fiscal/foreign policies of the democrats. If you dont want me to rant about this please shoot out an email. Im not sure if this is the right forum cuz I keeping it mostly with technology.