The Joy of reading

Ever feel like your caught in the web of mundane tasks that keep your life going; The fact is you dont realise that you are in a web till you get you get out of it..Anyways it has been a while since I took a book(non techie) and finished it cover to cover, well it finally happened and it feels good. Reminds me of the careless days where I just had to get up brush and then start with a book and just lay there all day.. Not to mention being yelled at in the evening my “Big Bro” .. Pleasant memories.. Oh well heres the book I read and it would very good.

Executive Power [Published in English]
by Vince Flynn

A very good read! Well it only took me a few months to start reading the book after it was bought :p. None the less feels good.


Must have books on Coding

My brother wanted to know a list of books to recommend to his team on Coding. Heres a list of books that I could come up with that are must haves,


Please feel free to add/recommend any that I might have missed.

Update: Joel usually has a good review of books.

More free books ;)

Here the email that I got from informit this morning:


Martin Fowler’s “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” has been selected as a finalist in the 2003 JavaWorld Editors’ Choice Awards. Established in 1997, the awards recognize innovative companies, organizations, and individuals for their commitment to eveloping new Java tools and technologies. Finalists were chosen from more than 150 products and technologies nominated by vendors and JavaWorld readers, editors, and writers.

Download a free PDF and find out more about the book:

Enjoy! 😉

Its raining books! Hallelujah!

While I have been consolidated free java books one by one Blaine drops one huge pile from kickjava! A nice cmprehensive list, which is categorised alphabetically and makes mince meat of my collection! While most of them are online books you will find the same pdf’s that I have listed here on there. Im thinking of mailing them some of the ones that they dont have!

Anyways Enjoy!

Free for all J2EE & .NET

From JDJ May Edition

By following FIVE simple steps, we are pleased to feature FREE downloads of Sun ONE Application Server 7 and Sun ONE Studio directly from this website. And, included with every download, you will receive a FREE copy of “Designing Enterprise Applications with the J2EE Platform” – valued at $45!

From techbargains

Free Book, May 7
Microsoft is giving out a FREE Microsoft Patterns & Practices Book

Is it a day for free books or what 😉