My favorite tweets

scobleslinkblog NowPublic Unleashes Scan: Crowd Powered Media –

Jason Calacanis JasonCalacanis some nice DEMOPIT feedback:

om om does anyone else feel that for news thatmatters to user turn tolocal news. ike delhi bomb blasts how many times old tv is just late-lame about 3 hours ago from Twinkle
Robert Scoble Scobleizer I am getting a demo of cool predictive engine for news.

Chr15 P1r1LL0 chrispirillo Best way to download photos (en masse) from Flickr: (OS X, free)

Steve Rubel steverubel Jeff Sandquist has long had a great 7-day rule for new apps. If it doesn’t stick, it’s gone. I am doing the same.

Anybody know of a good way to share twitter favorites other than retweeting or cut/paste?

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