Delicious Library – A must have software for the mac.

Delicious Library

I had read reviews of the Delicious Library for the mac before but never really got around to using the software before. So out of blue of the blue today I decided to get it a try and boy was I blow away! A fine piece of software! Software that actually has an impact to a end user who absolutely does’nt care about buzz words!

So let me get straight to it!

What is Delicious Library?
A program to manage your Books & Media.

What’s the big deal?
You must have seen an associate at borders or B & N scan the price of a book using the barcode(at the back of the book), well this software brings that technology to your laptop/desktop. It displays the books & media nicely like its in a shelf.

How does it do it?
It uses the iSight camera on you mac to scan the barcode and uses amazon API to look for information online about the book/media.

Does it work?
Well it works most of the time! Sometimes the camera doesn’t recognize the bar code you have to move it around or slant the book.

What if the the bar code isn’t recognized?
Then one uses the search functionality (enter title/author/etc manually) and search.

How long did it take you?
For about 60 Books, 100+ DVDs and 5 Games it took about 1-1.5 hours. Its all in organized!

Anything other features of the product that you like?

– Searching for an author or artist or any meta data of the media/book that you have in your collection will be displayed in the results of spotlight.
– There is also a dashboard widget that lets you search.
– The product has the ability to add shelves and assign books the these shelves.
– You can also track the list of borrowers within the software.

What feature is missing from the software?

There is no auto-categorization of media/books. So based on the hundred movies, I would the software to categorize them based on comedy/drama/foreign/etc. It should be a fairly simple thing to do. I have not tested the iPod integration yet.

How much does it cost?

40$ for the mac (Tiger only)

All in all this ones a keeper!

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