Twitter: The tipping point!

For those who dont know what twitter is, twitter is a webservice that lets you post short msgs (140) about what you are doing (thinking, writing, doing, etc). I have been using it for a few months. I follow about 35 people and have about 40+ people following me. Here is how twitter grew on me:

– I started out posting msgs about what Im doing (Attending meetings, etc)
– started following twitters from A-list bloggers like scoble, davewiner
– started listening to twittergram’s from scoble @ conferences (on my iphone)
– started posting pictures to flickr using dave winer’s excellent flickrtotwitter service (thanks iphone)
– interesting discussions started to flow between a-listers like steve rubel & scoble

Usually i get more of my breaking stories on (starting to be less of blogtracker and more of major media tracker) and end up saving more favorite stories on google reader but today was a tipping point for more.

I heard about the apple opening up the iPhone sdk on twitter (thanks amit) hours before it broke on! I saved more favorites in my twitter favorites than I did on my google reader! My patterns of consuming information are changing .. Twitter’s limitation of 140 characters is making msgs to be concise, crisp and a whole lot useful! The best part of twitter is information consumption is a whole lot faster!

The problem that I foresee happening like other mediums is that there is going to be over consumption of twitters (just like back in the day of blogs and rss feeds) and we are going to be in twitter hell! We are going to need to fix this problem before it happens. I wish twitter introduces someway of filtering twitters .. for instance .. I might be interested only in consuming twitters from political candidates when they are in NY or when they talk about NY. Either ways these are exciting times! A new medium … I luv the innovation cycle in this country! I wonder why the europeans or the asian didn’t come up with twitter in-spite of claiming to be more mature mobile markets! …

I really need to consume more twitters. Who are you following on twitter? Who am I missing? Please add your comments! Would like to hear from you.

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