There and back again!

After years of blogging and retiring at, I have decided its time to kick start my blogging again. Articulating my thoughts and engaging in a conversation helps me grow. I have missed blogging and so have my readers. I have been active on twitter and have kept myself updated with “Webisms”, just havent been “blogging” in the traditional sense of the wordpress.

I have also established a “Life stream” at go check it out.

So, what is my life stream?
Life stream is an aggregation of content that I create a like. Content creation for me is flickr, twitter & this blog. Content that I like is content that I consume of google reader, delicious.

One day I hope we all can plug in and out our Life stream into various services and personalize it! We are a very years away from it 😉

Old Blog & Content at: Old – Blog for thought

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