The battle is ON!

One of the smarter decisions that Kerry has made in days. Edwards brings enthusiasm to an otherwise boring kerry 🙂 The republicans are already targetting Edwards for his lack of experience and his experience as a trial lawyer. IMHO the debate between cheney-Edwards will be more interesting to watch then Kerry-Edwards! Will be interesting to see if the clintons support this team. I liked the clinton years and clinton as a president. Irrespective how much he screwed up in his personal life, I think he tried earnest to bring peace. Plus he looked presidential unlike others ;); On the other end I believe Bush has grown as a leader and is starting to make some sense at times 🙂 Either ways I think its evenly poised race .. Let the games begin .. I LOVE THIS PART

P.S: Bill Oreilly has been uncharacteristically balanced in his political coverage. You agree or disagree with the guy but I like the way he put his views across.


2 thoughts on “The battle is ON!”

  1. Hi buddy,
    How is it going. I am your ex-cubemate. I think this way of communication will be easy and effective. Hope we could continue this.
    You are right about Bill O’Reilly. I used to watch his TV show some time back. Here is another Foxnews column worth reading – Grr! column by Mike Straka. It usually comes on Tuesdays.

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