Exporting DB schema & Migration[Sybase]

Often while in a corporate environment one needs to export the schema/database to their own machine to play around with. This is especially true if you dont have permissions to install tools to help you export. After some dig up landed up with a awesome script does this for you.

dbschema.pl is a classic example of how easy it is to build an extremely powerful script using Sybperl.  In essence it provides a straightforward means of extracting the schema (DDL) from a Sybase database directly into one or more files.  In fact, the latest release will extract the schema of an entire server into a series of files organised into directories (folders) for ease of management

Unfortunately the author site no longer has the files to download, I emailed him and he was kind enough to send out the zip. So if anyone out there lands up on this entry looking for the zip, please email me and I will be glad to send it out to you.

One of the most important reasons for a developer to use sourceforge.net.


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