Java vs .NET numbers

General Windows Developer Numbers

JohnMont (who oughta know) provided these numbers today as “quotable and public” so I thought I would:

  • There are ~6M professional developers worldwide, about 90% of whom target Windows
  • There are about 2.5M .NET developers
  • >60 of the Fortune 100 develop using .NET
  • Forrester says that 56% of enterprises in North America are
    choosing .NET for their development requirements vs. 44% choosing J2EE

According the legend (JohnMont didn’t comment on this part), 4-5M of
those 6M developers targeting Windows are Visual Basic developers,
which means that if they ever get tired of being made fun of by the C
family of developers, we’re going to be trapped in phone booths while
they decent on us like the birds in an Alfred Hitchcock movie

I find it difficult to believe that 56% of enterprises are chossing
.NET over J2EE.. Whats the fine print? It just seems too fishy!


2 thoughts on “Java vs .NET numbers”

  1. Take these surveys with a pinch of salt. For example, here is one which claims most of the EU financial firms opt for J2EE over .NET:

    But it could also be true that there are more .NET programmers than J2EE programmers. If these programmers are used to the MS Visual IDE, then they have no other go but to learn .NET and MS IDE has been the preferred development platform for hoards of programmers even before J2EE was on the horizon.

    It is not the numbers but what matters is who gets paid more – J2EE programmer or the .NET guy :))

    As for me, I dont care whether it is J2EE or .NET, I would go with the demand in my local market and pick up that tool.


  2. And when somebody from Microsoft tells me that Linux costs just as much as Windows I’m going to believe them there too!


    To say that “JohnMont”‘s numbers might be slightly suspect is an understatement.

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