Bloglines get link blogs almost right .. A BIG ALMOST

I was pretty thrilled when Bloglines recently upgraded. Lots of improvements, linkBlog the most significant of all the improvements. Seemless integration with ur blog reader and web based! Nothing to setup. Very Very cool. I started using it right away and plugged the link blog onto my blog. Everything looks purrrrfect.. right?

WRONG.. and here is why.. So I subscribe to the feed and then click on the click on the link. Its takes me to the RSS feed instead of the site!! This would work in a perfect world if and when everyone offers full feeds. Most of the sites dont offer full feeds so why would one want to click 3 times to get to read a news item or a blog entry. Now how lame is that! I understand the need for Bloglines keep users within their site and get more users to sign up. If thats the idea then do it the msn way but have a pane with Bloglines logo on it but this is lame.. Not many are going to use it if this is not rectified.

IMHO this is a show stopper and I might think of switching back to posting links on my blog 😦 How disappointing! An anti-climax 😦


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