Need Help: How to recover a hard disk

Its been a couple of weeks since my hard disk crashed. Looks like the spindle isnt running. Does it mean that I just have to replace the hard disk? Is there anyway of recovering the data (has data for the last 3 years 😦 ). Its a – DiamondMax D540X-4K and came with my compaq! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The local stores dont seem capable of recovering it 😦 This SUX big time!


2 thoughts on “Need Help: How to recover a hard disk”

  1. This is an expensive problem to have. I crashed a western digital hard drive a few months ago. I called around and visited a couple of “data recovery” firms. The fees to TRY to recover data ranges from $2,000 to $3,000 if the problem with the disk is machenical. I can feel your pain 🙂

  2. My impression is that if it’s worth enough to you (say, at least $1000, and quite probably more), the odds are good that a reputable data recovery firm can get your data back.

    The real question is how much it’s worth.

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