JavaOne: Disappointed so far

Boy! Has it been one year already… Geez time runs fast. For me its been a day of Webcasts..

  • Jonathan is BORING plain & simple
  • No Microsoft bashing ..
  • Typical Demo screw ups(when will these folks learn to demo, something to learn from apple)
  • Of all the cool phones that are java enabled Jonathan finds the lamest Samsung phone to demo.
  • oppurtunity, ubiquity
  • For the last 3 years Jonathan has been talking about company that could make millions by selling ring tones; its getting really lame

On the positive side

  • no boring motown(detroit) jokes 😉
  • Looks like Sun is spending a lot of money on marketing it seems, really nicely done presentations, logos etc
  • Java 3D to be open sourced ( buddy its been a year and u folks have the same old demo, its no longer cool)

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