Information @ your finger tips – Part II

Its been a while since I wrote about the Gurunet “my favourite info genie”. Since then I have received a couple of emails from the company providing me updates. Well they have come up with some real nice improvements! Heres whats been update

In a nutshell, we?ve made even more of our content available for free, and for the first time we?ve made it available through a web version(just visit and through an IEtoolbar. A Mac version is due mid-June as well. An annual subscription is only$29.99 (compare that to any on-line encyclopedia, and then recall that we haveincluded over 150 dictionaries, glossaries, encyclopedias, etc in the package!)There?s an official press release, here:

Its nice to see that they have opened up some of their content, this basically means that this can accessed through my favourite browser FireFox. I took the time to create a search engine plugin using the  Plugin generator . Heres the source for the plugin

# Author: Arjun Ram  <>
# Version: 0.1, Last updated: Tue Jun 15 14:41:00 EDT 2004
# Made with Search Plugins Generator.
# Copyright (C) 2002-2003 MozillaPL Team.

 description=”it’s all about answers”

<input name=”s” user >
<input name=”sourceid” value=”mozilla-search”>

 resultListStart='<b>Open Directory Categories</b>’

 resultListStart='<b>Atomica Results</b>’



All one needs to do is to add this to the searchplugin directory under the mozilla directory. Someone’s now needs to submit this to the search plugins directory.

The company also seems to have provided a way to add gurunet to one’s site. Not sure why someone would wanna do that. It would be much more useful if they took the time to write javascript to let users “alt click” on the web page to provide context info over a dhtml window. I would love to use something like that on my blog. Moreover as FireFox becomes popular Gurunet needs to find ways to exploit the web browser by integrating their service with the browser.

Would be cool to try out the subscription service, I dont mind trying it for free. All in all its a handy product to try out!


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