Idea: Integrating Instant messaging and blog

There is already some level of integration between blogs and Instant messaging currently. One can post to their blogs using Instant messengers; Most bloggers have their Instant messenger ID open; Wouldnt it be cool if the reader recieves notifications on their IM messengers when their blogger has posted on their blog. The reader could then converse with the blogger about the post. The coolest feature about blogs that interests me are the conversations that the blog has with his/her readers but its mostly offline. With this integration the conversation can become instanteneous. Take it a step further the blogger can archive the conversation and post it as comments on his blog entry.. I would love this feature. Because many a time I would love to get instant feedback; This post is a perfect example, if I am totally off base wish some of my reader message me and tell me how bad my idea is 🙂


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