Intelligent Updater for Java

After a long time I finally got to spend sometime on my comp. Decided to play around with the new installation of Fedora on my PC. After losing my way into the web I ended the night finding 2 intelligent updaters(one for Perl – and the other for linux)

CPAN Shell

As I let my mind wander I realised that a combination of Intelligent updater with my Software Version Manager Idea (RSS) that I had written earlier would be a kick ass idea. Let me opensource my idea 🙂

The idea is to for the end user to subscribe to a list of RSS feeds for their respective software say Hibernate, Struts, etc. The intelligent updater would lookup the end users  profile for the subscribed RSS feeds and download the according jar files. The icing on the cake would be if dependencies of the jar were to be dowloaded as well. With some many jars floating around these days isnt it time someone wrote a Intelligent updater. The CPAN updater is one kick ass updater and here we are thinking perl is outdated. Wish I was in school, this would have been a kick ass program to whip out! Any takers ..?


3 thoughts on “Intelligent Updater for Java”

  1. Check out . It is yum friendly and can be added to your yum.conf .

    This way you can search, install, and update, a whole bucketload of Java app.s with yum. Of course, it downloads the source. I’m uncertain if you would have to add something to test for dependencies …


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