How to get a free Gmail Account

Came across cprerez‘s offer to send one of gmail invites out.

As a gmail user I also get the privilege of inviting other users. So,
as a token of appreciation to all the readership of this blog, I’m
offering a gmail invitation to the one lucky reader who truly needs to
get his hands on this novel technology.

Now please, email ceperez AT gmail DOT com with your name and email and I’ll send the lucky winner an invitation.

So, I took a chance and sent him my sob story(more to come on that in the next entry)

Alrite, let me tell u sob story and see if that works ;). I had to
delete sent emails which contained my resume copies as I was running
out of space on my email account. I also had copies of my resume on my
hard disk, which crashed over the weekend 😦 So im now left without a
copy of my resume. Having a gmail account would have sure saved my rear
end. Getting one would make my day and make me get over the loss of my
hard disk crash.

This morning, i recieved an email with the invite

Clearly that qualifies as someone who truly needs this service. Arjun have fun with your new tool!

Really neat! Thanks mate! Its been a while since I won something 😉 Well its good to be back in Blogsphere!

Update: Please look out for this space for a free gmail invite as soon I get to send out one.


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