Spring brings changes

Spring has bought some interesting changes in life & good ones too
😉 I am moving on from my prior position at a Big 3 automotive to a Big
5 consulting company! Now you know why my blog frequency has been low
😉 The new position brings lot of new avenues for growth and other
fringe benefits 😉 I have been looking for a few weeks and I finally
settled on this offer. Boy it feels good to get out of contracting!
HELL YA! Will post more about my position later.

Lessons learnt from the job hunt


  • Put your resume online with your blog – gets better visibility
    thro google. Its unbelievable how people use google to find talent.
  • Put up a profile on linkedIN – I am starting recive calls/emails
    from folks crusing thro linkedin. It appears social software is finally
    starting to trickle down to recruiters.
  • Keep your resume to a max of 3 pages irrespective of whether it
    is full time or consulting positions. Provide a longer version if &
    when asked(if someone’s looking for a longer version then its a
    contracting position for an IT organisation)
  • Post
    your resume to standard job postion sites like monster, hotjobs &
    dice.com (Monster is definitely better than hotjobs, while dice seems
    to popular with recruiters)
  • Keep checking craigslist for updates. Subscribe to craigslist RSS feed.
  • Create
    a seperate email ID on yahoo & make sure you set up mobile alerts
    for emails. Use this email address in your resume. Make sure use a
    password that you are willing to share the password, just in case ur
    driving and you need the resume to be sent to kinkos(for screw ups!)
  • Keep your resume handy in a portable USB drive, never know who you meet 😉
  • Also remember to put your resume on yahoo briefcase.
  • Save the address of every resume that you send out.
  • Dont worry about not applying if you dont have all the things
    mentioned in the job description. The general trend seems to be ask for
  • Buy a combo charger (mobile & home) to keep you cell phone always charged.


  • Never write a covering letter/email. Doesnt seem to work! Just
    write a simple 2 liner which talks about your interest in the position.
  • It seems to be a trend to talk about pay range even before they
    talk to you. Tell them that you would like to address the issue later.
  • *important*
    Doesnt help to talk about your blog at work. Makes it difficult to use
    your blog network while hunting for your job. Some people at my current
    work place read my blog and hence it was impossible to talk about my
    job hunt. Big dissappointment!

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