eMagazines come of Age: Take II

While straying into the web I ended on KeepMedia thro (http://theendoffree.com/), an alternative approach to eMagazines. I had written about an a Zinio in my earlier entry.  In a day & age where free on the web really mean FEE(atleast for online publications), a consolidate subscription does make a lot of sense. As the technology gets to mature, I am willing to subscribe to one of these services. There are a lot of hurdles before the technology matures.

Gee, I just ran into 2 more services while investigating more on eMags for this blog entry lol 😉

Apparently this market seems to be more mature that I thought it to be! Newstand even has newspapers from India! Holly Molly! If only one could get the other popular newspapers to sign up.

While Zinio,qmags & Newsstand take the approach of download the magazine(pdf) to one’s local drive, Keepmedia seems to be archive them online and one has to subscribe to their service. I bet one of these companies are going to be picked up by amazon! Its a low hanging fruit. Atleast I hope they do! The price of the subscriptions should come down if they are bought over by a big company. The lack of marketing by some of these companies is what amazes me! I can bet that there will be atleast 50,000 subscriptions to Indian papers by non resident Indians. Make that 20$ a year per subscription that accounts for $100,000 in revenue. This is just one country, do the math and numbers would look much more interesting! The key to success is bundling some of the papers/magazines and offering a good yearly subscription fee. On second thoughts a NETFLIX like model would work even better! 

On the flip side, there definitely lies the danger of eMagazines/eNewspapers fizzling out like eBooks! Although reading eBooks on handheld devices have definitely taken off. With all due respect to adobe, they have done a total piss ass job of their eBook format, I love the plucket format. May be a eNewspaper/eMagazine would work for handhelds as we speek and as tablet PC technology start to mature the existing technology would fit right in.

The thought of reading the Indian newspaper (The Hindu) sipping Indian Coffee seems inviting! *grin*


2 thoughts on “eMagazines come of Age: Take II”

  1. Adobe has done a poor job with eBooks, but it’s not completely their fault. DRM and eBooks simply doesn’t work. The only company to really get DRM right IMHO is Palm Digital Media. The key to open the protected content is your credit card number. That’s it. I ordered an eBook from Amazon that I couldn’t read after downloading. Even after purchasing the book legitimately, I was denied because I didn’t have the right software to read it. If I wanted to, I probably could have cracked the PDF to read it, but why should I have to resort to such tools as a paying customer? Why should I have tread across the grey area of the law just to legitimately use something I paid for. It doesn’t make sense. Manning recently sent out a survey to me about what type of DRM would be acceptable for the electronic versions of their books. I told them that no DRM is acceptable for me. DRM only punishes legitimate users of products. Pirates and tech-savvy users already know how to get around DRM, DMCA not-withstanding. I hope more papers and publications move to an ebook friendly format, but I hope they act responsibly to their customers and leave the DRM off of the files.

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