Why does one blog? Redux!

Robert scoble has spoken my mind when he writes about why he keeps blogging.

Why do I keep posting? Because I have found no other way to meet as many geeks, see as much technology, have as many interesting conversations with interesting people, and make things happen for so many people, as my blog.

3) It lets you reward others. Do you know the social power of a link? I’ve had people come up to me at conferences all giddy saying “do you realize what happened after you linked to me?” Certainly I’m aware of the GooglePower that I send someone when I link to them. But it’s more than that. I’ve made powerful friends after I’ve linked to them. It’s a social thing. Dave Sifry, the guy who founded Technorati, is right. It’s a social gesture. (Personal bloggers, it’s a far more powerful act of friendship to link to someone on your blog than it is to say “that guy’s my friend” in Google’s Orkut).

4) It lets you have conversations. One thing I’d say to Chris is to put “OneNote” and “Pratley” into Feedster.com and subscribe to those two feeds. Then, when someone says something about OneNote or Pratley, respond. By showing you care about people’s opinions, they are far more likely to give you feedback that’ll make your product better. (Personal bloggers, if you respond to people who talk about you, you’ll find you build real and lasting friendships).

I have learnt some much out of these conversations, blogs sharpen my brain and keeps it working rather than staying idle & I realise one more thing today, folks like russell beattie & robert scoble have successful blogs because they articulate extremely well even while the link. It just not about what they link or write its about how they articulate. Wonder if they are as good in person..


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