Aah.. the pleasures of refactoring

I got back to the code that we launched to production a few weeks back
to tie up some looses and sync up with the screwed up PVCS. Having been
pulled to work on other stuff, I felt like I was looking at my code
with a new pair of eyes and to give a perfect analogy of how I felt
seeing my code

“One designs & develops for a few months & after all the mad
rush, You let the code (muddy water) settle down untouched for a few
weeks. First look at the code feels like one has the muddy water, but
when you get back to look at your code again it feels like the mud has
settled down and the water is floating on top waiting to be drained out!

I feel like its a perfect time to learn the mistakes & the good
things out of the project and to improvise the rough edges. This is
probably the best time for a lot of Aha moments from design/code point
of view.

I have learnt 2 lessons that I wanna put out there

  • Divert attention after a release and work on something else (let
    the mud settle) before taking a look at the code again. This would add
    much more value & help one build better software.
  • This break is also generally need to schedule a code review.

3 thoughts on “Aah.. the pleasures of refactoring”

  1. It’s also similar to letting the pot simmer while cooking, or taking a break from strenuous exercise (like karate) to allow your body to relax and refocus.

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