Not impressed with FireFox

I have been trying out the FireFox browser and so far the results are rather disappointing! I have had many crashes and the for some reason the crash reporting agent has been turned off. It however nice to see the improvised download manager.

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Can someone tell me why the browser wont ship with a default flash plugin?? With so many sites using flash why would’nt one?


18 thoughts on “Not impressed with FireFox”

  1. > “tell me why the browser wont ship with a default flash plugin”

    Because many people hate it and have to remove this crap.

  2. I agree that Firebox is a bust. On my Windows XP box, it didn’t render images on a number of sites. I ended up reverting back to Firebird 0.7. I agree with you for Flash – one of the apps I develop is an e-learning app. I have to constantly test Flash, QuickTime, Applets, etc. and I end up using IE a lot because all the plugins are already installed. I definitely think Mozilla produces better browsers than IE, but when 95% of my clients use IE, it’s tough to get away from…

  3. Same as first poster i hate falsh sites and i would remove the plugin anyways. It’s not that hard to install and there is also the license issue.
    By the way there is a special firefox version for gtk2 that you can get an rpm and that version is great the best on linux so far.

  4. It’s a technology preview people. IE’s growth is stunted, adaption of web standard will be sooner if we support projects like FireFox.

  5. Some communities prepare pumped-up FF distributions (like polish Mozilla at – I’ve never had any problems with Flash,Java or QT with them. Also, maybe there are some sites (5% at most)that render better with MSIE, still, Mozilla/FF are much faster, more powerful etc. And, if you’re developing web apps, there is a number of really cool plugins (like WebDeveeloperToolbar or LiveHeaders)

  6. > “The number of people that want it out weigh the number of folks who dont want it.”

    Where did you get those stats??? If you ask how many people want obnoxious ads flashing in all colors and exploding on a web page, I seriously doubt many would say “YES, I WANT THAT!”.

  7. I think this whole post if a troll. That said, I can’t let this go by…

    “Most corporate web sites use Flash plus there are flash widgets that are created.”

    Have you visited most corporate web sites? What are the percentages? I’m curious about your data gathering technique….Oh, I see…you’re talking about YOUR EXPERIENCES. You can’t possibly know what “most corporate web sites use” (aside from HTML).

    That’s like saying “lots of corporate sites use pop-ups. Why would there be a browser that by default hides them?”

    Remember people…stupid posts make baby Jesus cry.

  8. > “Most corporate web sites use Flash”

    You meant it as a joke, right? If this isn’t a joke, it’ll be very difficult to take your opinions seriously.

  9. inignot, will all due respect to you and your comments corporate web sites use flash. The sad part is many of them dont check for flash availability & provide alternate html pages.

    Anonymous, you are more than welcome not to take my opinions seriously, I could care less!

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