Life is like a sine wave

Life has been rough over the last few weeks, I lost 2 of my closest mentors/friends/relatives (My grandpa & my uncle who was my surrogate father). I am what Im because of these 2 people. The thought of them not being around when I go back home the next time around its plain frightening. Life rather has some interesting twists.

But life has to go on, I hope to blog again and lets life takes it own course. I hope their souls rest in peace!

P.S: Sorry for the lack of updates, I know some of you have kept coming back looking for updates and must be been disappointed to find none.



3 thoughts on “Life is like a sine wave”

  1. i am really sorry about that arjun…may God be with you through everything…its very difficult when you know that they are with you in spirit but not physically…

  2. I am very sorry, Arjun. That is why I actually plan to move back home soon, because I can’t stand thinking about not being around when my folks leave.

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