Neat Roller theme

I happened to run into “my cup of java – Caffeine and code” by Juha Komulainen. An neat JRoller theme! (kinda looks like the typepad ones). Well that reminds me, I am working behind the scenes on the JRoller theme contest. I have been slacking on that front but should have something on the books soon.

BTW if you would like your Roller theme to mentioned, please leave a comment.

More to come.. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Neat Roller theme”

  1. Oh, you’re both too kind. But if you think it’s good enough, I’d be glad to donate my theme to Roller. Although I really should come up with a workaround for displaying the menu correctly on MSIE.

    And I’m afraid you’ll need to get your own picture of a bass-hugging freak. 🙂

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