iPod in the house!

Yeah! I gave into temptation and bought an iPod! However, I just bought a 10Gb (for 236$ on Amazon) and not a 40GB as planned. Here are my reasons. IPod is really cool device, but it does not have all the cool features that I was looking for to spend 500$. The too main missing ingredients are FM tuner & wireless support(Wifi/bluetooth) and it was rather dissappointing to see Steve jobs not announce anything exciting earlier at the MacExpo! So I decided to give in and buy the cheapest IPod.  Im hoping or rather have a hunch that Steve definitely has something up his sleeve come june for the next Macworld. The two must have features that Im looking for and may be a color screen *droll* would be nice. Having said that heres my take on the iPod so far.


  • The device is just plain awesome! The design is simply impeccable. One starts to drool when he/she opens the covers, heck even the cover is drollable 😉 Everything in neatly planned.
  • This freaking device is so light, that I am afraid that Im going to drop it.
  • The navigation is so simple and awesome 😉
  • Ability to rate songs while playing is sweet!
  • The font on this device is well choosen(Palm, who about learning a lesson or two from apple?)


  • USB 2.0 Support – One needs to buy the cable for 19.99$ to support USB2. I had to return to Best Buy and buy the Firewire card instead.
  • Apple really needs to hire people who can design windows software, the windows installation is just *horrific*! Heck, they have a separate installation executable to install the manual. duh!
  • Beware, if you already have an installation of itunes, then the installation screws up. It just does not add the ipod config to the new one, it creates one more installation, one has to uninstall itunes and reinstall the package from scratch!
  • Apple, has put in soo much thought into the design of the ipod that they forgot the basics! The first thing that an end user wants to do is to hear something on the ipod, Apple should have had a single sample track that allows to user to test the device after charging for a few mins. I had to spend all this time fighting with iTunes before I could hear something on the ipod.
  • iTunes/iPod integration – This is by far the most disappointing feature in using the iPod. In my case, I was already using iTunes and had more than 10GB of mp3 imported to iTunes before I bought my iPod. iTunes tried to update the iPod with my collection and craps out saying theres not enough space! duh! what a discovery! There is a check box on the left of every track that allows u to select/deselect copying to the iPod. I cant select all (Ctrk – A) a specific genre and uncheck the boxes. *grrrr*, so I ended up removing all the songs from my iTunes and have imported the ones that I want to import to my iPod. There must be a better solution! Disappointing.
  • Ear phones – I have always had a problem with the small earphones they have never fit into my ears fine, but it is pretty obvious that apple has not put in much thought or effort into the ear phones. The earphones come with a soft cover, but if u put the cover on the markings for left/right on the earphone is covered.

Im still in awe at how this device can hold so many song yet perform so flawlessly 😉 Wonder how the owners of 40GB must feel 😉 while the hardware & the device being so perfect, the software disappoints! This device is worth 236$ Discovery! 😉

Later: Forgot to mention one important thing, the accessories. Be ready to spend atleast a 120$ for the iPod on accessories (the cover, the fm transmitter and auto charger) No wonder apple’s minting money. Now I need to find more links for software for the iPod. is there an iPod blog some place?



5 thoughts on “iPod in the house!”

  1. Congratulations, Arjun – you’ll definitely come to enjoy it more and more as it becomes a “normal” part of your life. We’re on our third one of those cheap cassette adapters for the car. (The connectors are terrible and break way too fast!)

    One recommendation – Soulseek, http://www.slsknet.org – it’s the best place I have ever found for interesting stuff to fill up those gigs. — Rick

  2. Maybe you’ve found out by now, but it’s really easy to configure iTunes to only send specific playlists to the iPod. So, you can configure one or more smart playlists to select all genres but one, or whatever your heart desires.

    Also, if you’re looking for a WiFi-enabled MP3 player with an FM tuner, check out the HomePod. As an added bonus, it’s based on Java (and is open-source), so you can modify everything about it to your heart’s content.

  3. Just a quick note on the iPod/iTunes

    The Macintosh integration is generally flawless….I guess you will need to purchase a new machine 😉

    Have fun…

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