Back in business!

Nope! This blog has not been abandoned! It has just been a long and a much needed break to rejunevate and energise my engines. Its been a true break, I havent even fired up my aggregator for the last few weeks. Had a wonderful break down in texas(pics to come) and got to spend quality time being an uncle 😉 My nephew is a handful! Anyways, 2004 seems to be looking up and things seem to be improving! I hope the job market kicks in and I get back to product development (have had enough with consulting!). Lots of exciting things to accomplish this year. So fire up your aggregators, cuz im back in business! Good to be back 😉


2 thoughts on “Back in business!”

  1. I am curious. There are a lot of knock off competitors that seem to have more volume (disk space), support more formats, etc.

    Why an iMac?

    I only ask because I want to get one too, but I am thinking about getting the Dell.

  2. Hi Arjun,
    i asked a friend about the same thing you ran into (10+ gigs of music with a 10 G iPod). If I remember his solution correctly, he said what he does is creates a playlist called “ipod” and anything he wants on the ipod, he adds to that playlist. I’m not sure how the syncing works, but then i think he specifies that playlist to be sync’d to the ipod. Give that a shot.

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