Blog anniversary

I just realised that its been a year since I actively started blogging. Although my first post on Freeroller was on the 22nd of March, I started blogging regularly about 9 months later(Yeah that was the procrastination recovery time!) Well, this has been a interesting year so far. What satisfies me the most is that I have not given this up like my other hobbies. I know the frequency is much lower in the last 8 weeks, but this has largely been due to the other things that are going on in life. (A rather lame excuse 😉 ). The year end typically is a time to reflect on, here are some highs and lows of this blog!

Best post:  Outsourcing : A perspective

Worst post:  American Cricket Team?

Funniest post: Roof sex

Most Visited: Book Bonanza – List of free java books to download

Most Linked: How did they get their names?


Named one of 10 best Java blogs.

Featured on Feed of the Day on

I have found blogging an interesting medium to converse with others and interact with them. I have realised that a combination of interesting links and a write up on thoughts is what keeps readers entertained.  Its just not about posting interesting links. My blog has been a reflection of my mind.  I have been fortunate enough to make some friends in fellow bloggers.

I also would like to take the time to set goals for next year. First and foremost, I’d like to be blogging till the next anniversary. Id like to get my link blog & photo blogging working.

Many thanks to you readers for the continued support!


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