RSS/Weblogs – Internet Conference

Got to love this! These days one does not need to move his/her rear end to get information. All one needs to do is to look at the right places and information flows one’s way! Anyways this conference is in Jan and has an impressive list of speakers! Here’s a list

” src=”” width=12 border=0>Allan Wille
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Anil Dash
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Bill French
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Chad Dickerson
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Chris Pirillo
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Cynthia Carlson
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Dave Winer
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Graham Rasmussen
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Greg Lloyd
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Greg Reinacker
” src=”” width=12 border=0>J. Scott Johnson
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Jon Udell
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Matt McAlister
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Robert Scoble
” src=”” width=12 border=0>Ross Mayfiled

Too bad they dont have anyone representing Atom, wish Sam Ruby was there!


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