Is RSS being used by the elite?

Everyone seems to update the look & feel of their blogs. Take Marc Canter, Scoble & Dave Winer, all of them have spent time changing the L & F of their blogs and these are some of the top bloggers mind you. Makes one wonder what percentage of their readers use RSS? Scoble responded to my comment and felt only 15% of his users read his blog thro RSS. Interesting dont you think? Who uses RSS aggregators to read blogs? I read the common blogs at work on their sites otherwise just use my RSS reader. One of the main reasons I hate to fire up my RSS aggregator, is the number of feeds that I subscribe to. So I get pulled into the reading all the feeds and no longer remains a quick read. Alrite, I can just read a category of blogs, but that never happens!

The other reason, that I have to visit the site/blog is when I have to comment or read comments. This is where, IMHO RSS aggregators have failed. Why not just have a interface like Outlook or email reader and create a tree which includes comments. Something along the likes of a newsgroup reader. Im not sure if any RSS readers do that.

In the early days of RSS readers, you had to spend time to import your feeds and get it up and running. But these days RSS readers come with preloaded RSS feeds which contain a gamut of feeds. The only reason that I see this stopping folks, is the number of feeds. May be this warrants a new feature in RSS aggregators, levels of feeds. Supposing there were 3 levels of feeds basic, medium  and advanced, where in basic would contain the top 5 feeds, medium containing the top 10 feeds and advanced containing all the feeds then it would kick butt! Im getting lazy here but isnt that the duty of a software. To make me feel pampered and make me lazy! *grin*

The other reason that I hate using my RSS reader is the RSS feeds, some of these feeds are just teasers, they dont provide you with the full feed. I anyway need to visit the site to read the whole text, but that is rather a lame excuse.

Then again, there is the ongoing battle of Atom/Pie Vs RSS 2.0. Its amazing how long this debate has gone on. When Sam Ruby took it up and said that he would be official spending time on it, it thought something would be out in 3+ months. Its been a while and nothing concrete has come out as yet. but then on the brighter side of things, Microsoft seems to be adapting RSS for longhorn. Once microsoft adopts something all hell breaks loose and all kinds of tools and innovation pops up and then the java/linux folks catch up!

My dream RSS aggregator App would download the RSS feeds convert them into a mp3 (hopefully a nice voice) that I can hear while Im driving to work and back! Call it height of laziness 😉

At any rate, if you are not using a RSS aggregator please start using one. Heres a few that you can try out link, link. Its not for the elite!


3 thoughts on “Is RSS being used by the elite?”

  1. Interesting – I actually think that most of my hits come from RSS readers rather than people visiting the site. Personally, I tend to surf to blog sites more than using NetNewsWire, and this is especially true at work.

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