Corruption & India – recent uproar

It seems like people are starting move their rear ends and do something about the nation that well ranked among the corrupt nations. The recent uproar is about an IIT alumni  (satyendra Dubey) murder because he wrote to the primeministers office about the incident. Read all about it below

It is outrageous! Period! Unless people take the matter into their own hands, this issues is bound to burried under the carpet in a while. The root problem needs to be addressed and tackled. The only reason this issue has gotten its limelight is because the person was an IIT alumni. Im glad that the well known people have taken a person stake it making sure something is done about it and its getting the due attention that it needs. Unless, the punishment for Corruption is stiff and treated with a stern hand & the law is taken seriously.

However, I find it equally proposterous when I find some IIT’ians use this as an excuse to leave the country. IMHO, it is ok for one to go out and experience to the world and bring back perspectives to improve the country. One also expects more from the IIT’ians bcos their TOP class education is subsidised. A few years back, when an average indian would be about 800$ a year, an average IIT’ian would pay 40$ the remainder was sponsored by the Indian government. Although, I do whole heartedly agree that many NRIs end up doing more for the country than the local folks, a fact that is often side lined. I guess, its fair to say that I have mixed feelings about this issue.

Coming back to the issue, a petition has been opened at  so feel free to sign up. Im not a fan of petitions, have seen to many petitions offlate and have yet to see any concrete results. I would much rather see the news organisations like BBC, NDTV take up the issue with the prime minister and president and grill them on prime time television. I think it would have a far reaching impact than signing up a petition. Its too bad that India does not have a “Meet the Press” which gives a forum to grill the top brass of the government and make them accoutable. (May be they are similar ones in the same lines these days).

Accountability is missing in Indian politics! Its time to Take it to the mattress”


Here is dedicated site  sent by my sis-in-law (Is that how its said in the US?) Hmm, Anyways she is a IIT alumni & has passionately taken up this cause. I’d better put this up before I get my rear end kicked 😉 On a serious note, please take a moment to look @ the site and contribute in your own way.


One thought on “Corruption & India – recent uproar”

  1. yes you are right that there is no one in India who is accountable and the petition in the courts do not bring in any results Kindly offer your suggestions and comments to my blog site i HAVE NARRATED MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND I WAS SUBJECTED TO POLICE REMAND WHEN I WAS TRYING TO EXPOSE BANKING FRAUD


    P MODY

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