India successfully tests cryogenic engines!

 BANGALORE, India — India said Friday it has developed a rocket engine that uses supercooled liquid fuel, a technology that would allow it to launch high-altitude satellites, send a man to the moon — or build intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The engine proved its endurance by firing for nearly 17 minutes on the ground, the Indian Space Research Organisation said in a statement. 

Such engines, known as “cryogenic” engines, are fueled by liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen. Rockets using these materials are primarily used to launch 2.5-ton communications satellites to orbits 22,000 miles above the earth. At that altitude, they match the speed of the rotating Earth and therefore stay fixed at one point above the ground.

Only a few countries — including the United States, Russia and France — can build cryogenic engines.

Way cool! The space program is kicking some mean ass! Now can some please get the ISRO web site to some descent standards pleaseeeee!


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