New RSS reader

Came across The Lockergnome News Feeder thro scoble & I decided to check it out. It did not spend too much time on it but here are the initial reactions. The reader is implemented in flash nicely categorised. It has feed pre configured and sections defined. It has the ability to add new feeds. The coolest feature of this ability to zoom in and out and the text size increases and descreases accordingly. For a price of 5$ bucks, its perfect for anyone who is starting to read blogs and rss feeds. Its pretty simple & rudimentary reader. I wouldnt expect anyone using an existing RSS reader to convert. Since its made in flash, I would have liked to have hosted it on my site and read my blogroll (something similar to Too bad thats not possible. But for what its worth give it a shot.


  • Simple.
  • Preconfigured RSS feeds
  • Zoomable Text
  • 5$ bucks


  • Rudimentary
  • Can’t host on a site.
  • Can’t import OPML feeds

I’ll give it ***** ( Three stars out of 5)


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