Featured on Feed of the Day on Feedster.com

Welcome, feedsters! It appears my blog is the feed of the day on Feedster. Not sure, how this works. Is it just a round robin mechanism or did they really take the time to choose a blog. Either ways, hope you enjoy your stay here 😉


5 thoughts on “Featured on Feed of the Day on Feedster.com”

  1. Hi,

    Actually EVERY blog of the day is chosen by a human. What we do is watch a series of different blogs (really just the things we happen to read or people forward to us) and when someone says something interesting, I or Betsy make them the blog of the day. IN your case it was the comments on pvcs + Zinio.

    While clearly people we know have an advantage since we read them more frequently, we try to make them not just people we know. Sometimes its stuff that we pick up from the Feedster status page.

    Keep the good stuff happening.


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