eMagazines come of age!

It appears the electronic magazines have finally come of age. I got an email to subscribe to eweek and was given the either a paper version or the digital edition, I chose the later. Im good at stacking paper magazines to be read later, some call it procrastination ;). Moreover I spend more time on the computer then any place else. Anyways, I had to download the zinio client, which was pretty quick and asks u to login. Once you are logged, it checks for updates or new magazines and prompts you to download them. eWeek download was fairly quick, about 8.5 MB in size. The file opened and the table of content had hyperlinks, so If I click on the table of content, I was taken to the page directly. Neato! There is also a option of traversing thro pages. The only down side that I see, it takes a few seconds to show the page. The same is true when u zoom in and out. It is slow even in my 1.2GM ram machine, which is dissappointing. But im sure this is hurdle that can be overcome.

The company that does delivers Zinio sems to also cover other popular magazines like businessweek and the other top magazines, even though the subsciption seems a bit expensive. The delivery platform seems to work great, although I think its windows only client. Now my brother in India can get a free subscription of eweek and read it at the same time I read it here, sweet! Only wish that Java developers journal subscribes to this platform. *psst* I hear the windows magazine is using this platform, Alan are you listening?

Move over pdf, eMagazines are here!


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