Deployment/Ant Tasks for WAS(IBM Websphere)

I am in the process of deploying a web application to Websphere and it amazes me on how people around deploy the application. A few use Ant to create the WAR file and then use a shell script to deploy the application. Why not just use *Ant*? Well I dont get it. Here are the details/links that I figured would be helpful for deployment.

Websphere provides a package and an Ant task for deployment. There is also a nice tutorial on IBM’s website talking about the same issues.

Using Ant with WebSphere Studio Application Developer — Part 1 of 3
Using Ant with WebSphere Studio Application Developer — Part 2 of 3
Using Ant with WebSphere Studio Application Developer — Part 3 of 3

The sad part is that the link in the article does not point to the right download file to download the IBM ant extras. Its perfect case of trying to find a freaking needle in a haystack! IBM download site *sucks* Period! How about learning some lessons from Microsoft? I have tried googling for information to no avail. I have finally decided to email the author of the article who happens to work @ IBM. Hoping to hear back from him. Meanwhile if any one of you knows where I can download the file, please leave the information in the comments. Would be very helpful. More to come.


2 thoughts on “Deployment/Ant Tasks for WAS(IBM Websphere)”

  1. Absolutely. PVCS is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever had the misfortune to come into contact with.

    Anyone who would choose PVCS over free, beautiful, CVS is out of their mind.

  2. You got it right about the IBM site. Why oh why can I never find anything that I need? The Rational website, since being integrated into the IBM website, has also gone the same way. I think it’s a real shame because they do have some great content on there … you just can’t find it.

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