blogs->moblogs->audio blogs->link blogs?

Blogs continue to evolve as time progresses, each with a different twist. The latest addition to the list is link blogs.

Well, what are link blogs?

Link blogs, like the name suggests is a blog with only links, typically links that someone daily browses.

Examples of link blogs

Why does this classification help?

Blogs in general are an useful medium to converse & express ones thoughts and its also a place holder to point to things of interest. However,  separating the content and link blogs, gives better focus to each category. For example, In the last few days cuz of my busy schedule, I have tended to point to interesting pieces of information that I come across rather than my usual penning of my thoughts.

Tools support for creating link blogs?

<Need more info> Wonder how Erik posts his links. The alternative to having a link blog is to just post a bunch of quick links under a links category. I have especially seen folks like Leslie’s quick links . As more link blogs spring up, one is bound to have duplicate links reported to different bloggers, wonder if RSS agrregator authors are taking this into consideration?

How to create a link blog in roller?

<Need more info> Havent really thought about this.

I link the idea of posting my links seperately as this is one thing that my brother has pestered me for years & have been blamed for a long time for not emailing him the interesting links. Setting up a link blog would be one way of getting him off my back πŸ˜‰

These days “abstraction” seems to be mantra!


6 thoughts on “blogs->moblogs->audio blogs->link blogs?”

  1. There’s another sub-genre of blogs that you didn’t mention: anonymous blogs.

    Check out
    And from its front page description:
    “ lets you publish a weblog using GPG and the Mixmaster anonymous remailer network. You don’t ever have to reveal your identity – not even to us. You don’t have to trust us, because we’ll never know who you are.”

  2. Nice observation Arjun! My favorite remains Eric’s link blog, though the term was new for me. Talking of coined-terms, I read the question of a reader the other day who asked what would you call a “Blog-reader”? May be we will have a terms for that soon πŸ™‚

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