Instant UML Diagrams for Java Code

I ran into CodeLogic when I surfing was something else. As I needed to generate Class Diagrams/Sequence diagrams for the project Id just finished up. Im passing this onto someone to who is rather new to Enterprise Java development. I just had to take a few mins to generate class diagrams, sequence diagrams and flow diagrams. A few mins of effort and it really pays off! The best part of the product is that it allows u to drill down to a certain function call/class and then generate the sequence diagrams/flow diagrams. Especially useful when u need to look @ a new system and get a 50,000 feet overview.

The Cons of the system are: Only a 10 min max run time! This is a really irritation feature, it does not even give enough time for the developer to finish up what he/she is doing! The UI is kinda rudimentary (AWT) & its a 14 day license.

I wish this company follows the Altassian model and writes a web app to let folks understand open source code. Would be a kick ass model to market their software! Its 299$ per user license.

It does a better job that Rational Freaking Rose! *Period*


5 thoughts on “Instant UML Diagrams for Java Code”

  1. Why is everyone so amazed at generated UML from code? Isn’t that backwards? Once you have the code, it’s easier to understand than some diagram. The diagrams are to HELP YOU WRITE THE CODE. Doing it the other way is just a waste of time.

    And ArgoUML is HO-rendous to use. 1.8Ghz + 512M ram and it’s DOG slow. But, it is free.

  2. Well Dave, not for someone looking @ existing code. I believe that UML diagrams help with the over all picture. But you are right about ArgoUML being horendous.

    Im on 1.2 Gig on RAM & its still slow! Moreover the tool is not intuitive. Codelogic is simple and intuitive! Give it a shot u’ll know what I mean.

  3. Try Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems ( You can download a 30-day full evaluation (it’s only $149 for the professional version). It can reverse engineer plus the code is mapped to the diagram (right-click and “View Source Code”). On top of that the Eclipse 3.0 Milestone 4 build now has Call Hierarchy feature that allows you to trace the method calls forward and backward which can make things easier when you’re browsing someone else’s code.

  4. Just couple comments from the authour of the product.

    1. Generating Class and Hierarchy diagram is easy – many vendors do it. Sequence and Flow is the different story. It requires to resolve the packages, full names, interfaces, etc.

    2. Unfortunately code is not always easier to read than the diagram. Actually CodeLogic was born when we had to work with the huge amount of badly written code. After spending 5 hours on block-schema, I’ve decided there must be a better way 🙂

    3. Even if providing Sequence diagram is simply the customer’s or manager’s requirement, CodeLogic saves you 3+ hours on every diagram.

    Anyway, 14-days trial is free 🙂 Have fun.

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