India making bigger strides in Technology

“The Bollywood movie market is growing at twice the rate of Hollywood, in terms of production and revenue. This is where the benefits of P2P technology become really clear,” Sharman CEO Nikki Hemming said in a statement. “P2P technology offers the movie industry a huge opportunity to massively enhance its distribution and generate revenue.”

Sleepy city has high hopes, dreaming of high tech

A cadre of officials and entrepreneurs is trying to transform the small city of Chandigarh into the “technology hub of northern India.”The New York Times


6 thoughts on “India making bigger strides in Technology”

  1. ??? How do you dare to compare the shit that comes from Bombay (so-called Movies) with Hollywood?? fuck off! get a life… I mean, a real one (and if u can get a girl… the better) otherwise shut-up and keep holding hands with your male peers…

  2. i do have balls, how bout u? r u still holding hands (as a gay couple) with your male peers?

    and yes, Bollywood is the motherland of shit, go it?? they dont produce movies over there, they produce SHIT!!!

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