Indian curry travels 11,000 miles, sets world record

Hindustantimes reports

The story goes that Kerr, 24, was taking a year out for hiking around the world with friends. After six months she reached Sydney. Her desire for the curry made her go to an internet café from where she placed the order with Rupali, her favourite restaurant in Newcastle, her home city.

The order placed through ‘Mad About Curry’ website led to the restaurant arrange the long distance delivery of the frozen dish. One presumes Kerr enjoyed the curry that covered over 11000 miles passing over several countries on way to her.

The Rupali owner Abdul Latif, Lord of the manor of Harpole, who came to Britain from Bangladesh in 1969 and opened the restaurant in 1997, told Hindustan Times that the British Airways waived £180, the cost of transportation. He, in turn, did not charge Kerr.

Boy! People must be crazy! Darn, my mouth is starting to water!


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