James Gosling was in town

He gave a talk on “Java and the Road ahead”. He talked about where Java is being used and he seem pretty thrilled with the JPL project and Mars Rovers. I was rather disappointed that the talk was too general. I would have been happy if spent time talking about Project Rave! BTW he has been moved @ SUN and it now the CTO of tools division. However I did get to ask the man a few questions.

  • What were his thoughts on eclipse & NetBeans?

“IBM was invested a lot of their engineers on Swing, in fact 50% of the effort was from IBM. Meanwhile their division in Canada came up with SWT. SWT is reinvention of the wheel and has the same problems that plague SWT. I think its a bad idea.” I really did want to ask him, if it was such a bad idea why is it gaining in popularity.

  • Why he has not blogged often?

“Yeah I got to catchup.” It seemed to me that his interest on blogging is waning. I wish he enabled comments on his blog and starts to interact with his audience.

He seemed way to sleepy! My impression was that he was doing this talk cuz of his marketing folks. The marketing guys came up with some Lame trivia questions! (When was the first release of java ?, duh!)

The Man himself seems to have thinned down a bit! Was an interesting experience, but nothing to be excited about 😦


4 thoughts on “James Gosling was in town”

  1. >>if it was such a bad idea why is it gaining in popularity.

    Personally I think SWT is a bad Idea(But I do like Eclipse and its my favourite now). I don’t think Eclipse’s success is due to SWT, look at IntelliJ IDEA and JGoodies Eclipse UI demo in Swing and how responsive they are.

  2. SWT and AWT do the exact same thing that is make calls on gui/os for graphics are you sure James Gosling said that or maybe you misunderstood? He is not known for making cocneptual errors and thus I am asking if his comment was misunderstood..

    Now the saem exact comment has been attributed to CEo before maybe he is repeating bad info..

  3. Fred,
    Im pretty sure thats what he said. Im not well verse with SWT so Im not sure why you think he is misunderstood, Can you elaborate?

    Im not sure what u would attribute sucess of Eclipse to. I know its done differently but NetBeans was freaking slow when I tried it out a couple of years back. Having a UI demo is one thing running a full fledged version is another.

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