Hypocrisy in the American media

Here is a map of India from CNN’s web page

MSNBC has the correct one which clearly talks about the disputed area.

This is not the first time this has happened. I dont think CNN has the gall to do the same to Israel’s map. I know mistakes do occur in journalism but u just cant take things for granted. I would not go as far as other to say “Kashmir is a integral part of India and hence the map has to be shown in full”. Whether one likes it or not Kashmir is a disputed area! and the map has to reflect that! but CNN has no freaking business to distort it time and again. Period! Im sick and tired of the media interpreting stuff. The people’s opinions are formed based on what the media reports, very few people go back and check facts. With this kind of reportin Im not sure if the folks in the US are getting the right information!


One thought on “Hypocrisy in the American media”

  1. I could empathise with you Arjun. It seems to me quite clearly that in their effort to demean India and deny its prowess the western media enjoys keeping the Kashmir issue alive and in dispute. In their fake effort of being non-partisan they have literally been patting on Pakistan’s back by maligning Indian. I think showing an erroneous Indian map is almost like attacking India.

    Leaving CNN aside, this hypocricy could be find even at a level you would not expect it to exist. I have been an editor at dmoz open directory and once objected to at the erroneous Indian Map Mozilla image(http://dmoz.org/img/moz/india1.gif) used at many places in dmoz directory (see http://dmoz.org/Regional/Asia/India/) at their editors forum and requested them to either change it or remove it.

    To my surprise many of the editors blatantly refued it, one of them made fun of me and defiantly said that he would use it (it is still being used). Incidently one of editors most vociferous while objecting to my demand was an editor of Indian origin settled in London. Just read what he had to say:
    >>>It does not display the disputed area of Kashmir as part of India.

    This is not quite correct. All of Jammu and Kashmir is claimed by both India and Pakistan, so it is all disputed. The map shows the area that is under India’s physical control. In addition it shows clearly as part of India, the Aksai Chin area, which has actually been under Chinese control for at least 40 years.

    >>>it sure agrieves many Indians like me.

    Doing something else would aggrieve Pakistanis.
    What we have now seems to me to be a reasonable compromise. This compromise is widely used in the rest of the world (i.e. outside the two disputing countries).
    I was atleast happy that some of the Indian editors also projected their views, one of them pointed to the 4 versions of the map being used http://www.cifjkindia.org/legal_docs/legal_docs_009.shtml

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