Now its Offshore medical care!

According to this article in BBC, India’s medical industry is booming and patients can get five star treatment for fraction of the cost. With Medicare failing, I see more and more people who might opt to travel to India for operations, etc. Things are starting to really improve back home.

The best business to be in right now is neither technology nor medicine, but as a travel agent booking tickets to India. Anybody listening?


4 thoughts on “Now its Offshore medical care!”

  1. The only thing India did right is investing in education. Looks like its paying off. I visited dentists in both US and India.
    Indian dentist would charge you 1/50 th of a dentist in US and provide better treatment.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    You didnt get it all right.

    We are fairly ok on education.
    More importantly,

    1. we are a very diverse country that has over the ages has learnt to live in communal harmony and peace (if you consider that diversity what you ready in the press a.ka. CNN about communal violence etc is but a drop in the ocean). There is a great deal of tolerance.
    2. People are very intelligent and the average intelligence of the man on the street and in the very villages is very high.
    3. Adaptability is burnt in the genes I guess.
    4. So is the desire to survive against all odds.
    5. Indians invest in assests many times their earnings! This beats me. But is continues to amaze me.

    These basics strenghts show India in good light in the kind of things you are talking about.

    My thoughts on the point you made on education?

    I wouldnt say India got education right. I would sure concur that we have great grads and post grads who are intelligent and english speaking.

    There are many limitations in India’s education system, for e.g the industry and univerity do not work togehter widely for the betterment of the country. Some part of industry just do not work wiht universities. And we dont education standardised very well.

    However it is a lot better than many other parts of the world. Culturally there is a lot of emphasis on education at home since parents exercise grater control on their children culturally and education is MUST HAVE. This howver takes its toll on other things like sport and crafts. Not too many indian kids take upmprofessional sport. This reflects very clearly in the way India draws close to blank in the olympics!

    My few paise worth!

  3. Arun,
    You better start your blog! Your thoughts are being wasted! India’s Blogsphere needs a few more bloggers like you!

    Now move that rear end and get blogging!

  4. Thats right. Healthcare companies in US already outsource some no-face-to-face job to India. Your X-Ray photos are analyzed by radiologists several thousand miles away. Of course, they are certified by board.

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