Lessons learnt from the community

There are interesting lessons that can be learnt from each experience. The latest controversy about freeroller-> jroller.conversion could have been avoided IMHO. Bloggers should have noticed the changes that were taking place on freeroller. Here were several warnings signs that went unnoticed,

  1. Javalobby jumped into take care of the servers when load could no longer be handled by Anthony’s box. Inspite of Anthony’s many calls for contributions, Im not sure how many acutally contributed.
  2. Once 0.9.8 proved to stable enough, members from Javalobby started their blogs.
  3. A blog for JRoller was created http://www.jroller.com/page/jroller .
  4. Relationship between Freeroller and Javalobby was never made clear.

In my opinion its rather naive for folks to expect Javalobby to be funding a blogging community that is not predominantly Java oriented. i.e is not to say that there cant be blogs that have nothing to do with Java. Having said that, there are steps that the Javalobby could have taken to avoid this situation.

In my experience, people in general are pretty nervous about change. Before making the change and having discussions in the comments section of blogs, someone from Javalobby (Rick/Mathew) could have written about the change or come up with the terms of usage. Its is just sad that as a community we expect SUN to be transparent but we dont make sure that our processes are open themselves.

Mistakes happen, but steps need to be taken to make sure these dont occur again. Heres what I think that can be done to involve the bloggers and the ones maintain jroller/freeroller. Mr Roller was probably one of the nicest things that happened to this site. Now all I need to do is to keep track of that blog off. It would be nice if Matt/Rick use jroller blog to interact with the bloggers in this community. This would alleviate any problems.

Alls well that ends well. Peace!


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