Longhorn Blogs

More information from the Devil‘s Den!

Right around the time for Microsoft PDC, Longhorn blogs seem to have poped up. I see only a few blogs, here’s a screen shot.

I have a dirty feeling that Microsoft is trying to lmmitate Java.net.
However unlike Java.net, this would end up being another wing of the
Microsoft Propaganda machine. It is interesting to see how corporations
have started to use Blogs as a channel for dispersing information. A
lot of my questions are being answered  😉  Sadly bloggers
are posting at multiple blogs rather than posting one end and
aggregating in the other end, just like Russ & Mobitopia. All you
need to to is to create a category and let the other blog aggregate!
Folks always have a way of complicating things!

Now can someone get JCP folks to start a blog?


4 thoughts on “Longhorn Blogs”

  1. Well thats true, but there is always immitation on both ends. Take for example J2EE and .NET, .NET is a microsoft immitation of J2EE but later JSF is a page taken from Microsoft’s Book (Forms.net). Hope that clears what I said.

  2. I just thought I’d let you guys know…
    LonghornBlogs.com is not a Microsoft site. It is a community site, made available by my company, for talking about the next version of Windows. It is an attempt to translate the success of the ASP.NET developer community into the stodgy Windows community.

    I wanted to let you know too that we will soon be allowing people to aggregate content fron other blogs into this site. Some people (like me) don’t like reading about my date last night on the same site that they read about my products, services, or .NET development. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

    At any rate, I hope you like the site…. maybe you’ll create a Longhorn Category feed for me to aggregate into the site?

    Robert McLaws
    President and Chief Software Architect
    Interscape Technologies, Inc.
    LonghornBlogs.com Admin

  3. Actually, we’re all just copying Dave Winer’s Scripting.com site.

    Seriously, the Longhorn blogs will point to the good, the bad, and the ugly (as long as it’s about Longhorn). It should be fun!

    Robert Scoble

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