Annoucing SUN 2.0

Am I dreaming? or is this really happening? Or has SUN hijacked the
Marketing guys from Microsft! Jesus freaking Christ! Im impressed!
Alrite Im talking about SUN’s quarterly event.

This is the first time I have seen SUN come up with a clear concise message! “Simple licensing, ownership, pricing with open, secure interoperable software
It *finally* seems like SUN is operating as a single unit. I like the
idea of a consolidated message once every quarter rather releasing news
releases every other day!It serves as a reality check once a
quarter(Note to self: Come out with quarterly news reports for
personal, professional accomplishments) Lots of work seems to have gone
within sun to come up with all the annoucements. If someone @ SUN wrote
a book like “Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? Inside IBM’s Historic Turnaround“(if you havent read it, please do so!) in a few years, I believe this would be pivotal turning point for SUN.

Introduction of Java Systems (Enterprise, Desktop &
others) Support for x86 architecture. (Yeah they finally get it!, its
not all about the big ass computers) It was all about security,
recall, cost and complexity which is what project orion is all
about. Lots of interesting details about the Java Systems
(100$/60$ Enterprise/Desktop/per Employee).  Software to ship in a
single DVD instead of huge CD case! Some really cool demos of the Java
Desktop System (3D interface, Star Office 7, mozilla). The use of linux
was not highlighted upon that much but used when they wanted to provide
the impression of being open and secure. Interesting stratergy. Even
the Web cast & the flash presentation was very well made. Heck,
even the stage and the background screens were setup to reflect the

  • Scott was back to his boring ways of comparing the
    automakers and hockey games. Scott, we know you are from detroit and
    enjoy hockey! Darn it, this guy needs a makeover! Its time he learnt it
    from the bill gates & the steves jobs of the world!
  • Whats a SUN conference without Microsoft/IBM Bashing 😉 Dont forget to add SCO to the list now 🙂
  • Cant recollect a single conference that hasnt had a
    demo failure. Hey, for all the trash talking of microsoft why not
    do a conference without a demo failure 😉

Lots of details that I can go thro but you are better off watching the webcast . Wanna invest in SUN this is probably the best time, its hovering @ 4$



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