New look for the weblog

My previous design had way too much clutter and too many icons that were not being used. I decided to focus on the content and have a new profile page that is currently under development. The profile bar was adapated from Mark. I’d like to know what you think about the new look & feel.

Been busy @ work trying to get stuff done.



7 thoughts on “New look for the weblog”

  1. I don’t really like how the bar moves – it’s sorta distracting. If it just stayed still and popped-out when you were hovering over it that would better I think. Another thing I don’t really like about these animated menu thingies is that it’s not really accessible. What if you didn’t have a mouse – no way to trigger it – tabs don’t go there. No idea about how screenreaders would respond either. At least it still looks good in lynx 😉

    Keep up the great blog tho, I really like it!

  2. I second the comment. I am sure there are a lot of neat CSS tricks in there, but the “profile” tab following my scroll is really distracting.

    Also, if I move the mouse outside the window to go to another one, your profile will pop up even if all my mouse did was pass over the tab. Oh and your profile is cut off in Mozilla.

    Not a big deal, I read your blog with SharpReader most of the time, but I suspect your Web readers will be annoyed.


  3. Interesting thoughts! I did have a few questions

    1. Now how many of my reading actually end up using lynx? Is accesibility a real issue for many?

    2. Im using Firebird and the page(profile) looks good. What version of Mozilla are you using Cedric?

    I think I will experiment the slider for sometime if it ends up annoying too many people then I will pull it down. I intend to put my resume online pretty soon.

    Thanks a lot for chiming in 😉

  4. Arjun,

    I concurr with the view of many that the profile bar is a huge annoyance. As a regular reader of your Blog from a web browser I find it quite annoying.

    Besides I am surprised that you wonder if accessibility is an issue at all (from char based or without a mouse).

    The principle is to make if available for as many people as possible. There are many people with accessibility issues who dont use a mouse.

    Why cut out potential readers because of accesibility issues? After all you plan to put your resume on the side bar!

    To stretch the argument why not use only IE specific features since most of the world uses IE today. (though I am a Mozilla fan)

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